Your Search, Personalized

At Liukkonen Recruiting/Consultants, we don’t draw lines between job-seekers and open positions. Any software program can do that.

We orchestrate pinpoint matches.

As search professionals, we look beneath a candidate’s list of skills and behind a job description’s bullet points to uncover the values, personalities, and culture at the core of your search so you can move ahead.

Focusing only on a select number of clients at any given time allows us to give you the kind of personalized attention that leads to perfect matches. We take time to learn about and understand your particular vision and present you with the best possibility for your next step. All of our searches are confidential.

Clients praise us as insightful, trustworthy allies and detail-oriented professionals who work with clarity of intention, high ethical standards, and positivity.

Countless professionals and employers have relied on us to coordinate effective searches that led to increased productivity, brand refinement, breakthrough product development, and new customers. Our clients have made stellar contributions to their industries, big impacts on their communities, and global changes—all because they found or assembled the right team.

There’s no secret to our methods, or to our great reviews.

We just listen to you and prioritize your search.


Our Founder

As the founder and managing principal at LRC, my philosophy is simple: we place great people with great companies. My goal is for employees to stay engaged and challenged and for companies to build stronger, more productive teams.

I started my own recruiting company because I wanted every step of the hiring and search process to be personable and efficient. And I wanted the results to stick.

LRC melds the experience and capability of a large recruiting company with the hands-on attention of a small business, as it has for 30 years. Our recruiters are active listeners, driven communicators, and savvy networkers.

In an era when many recruitment services use a plug-and-play model, treating candidates like commodities, we value a deep understanding of our clients’ needs through conversation, person-to-person connections, and an engaged, proactive process.

We partner with companies—start-ups to Fortune 100s, local to global—to fill permanent and temporary positions, including interim executives. To help our clients identify growth areas and improve performance, we also provide management training, organizational development, and employee enrichment seminars.

And we help people give back by donating a portion of our fee to the community or cause of their choice.