Job Seekers

At Liukkonen Recruiting/Consultants LRC Recruiter, we understand your needs as a job seeker. Every candidate is unique, but when you're pounding the pavement looking for a great opportunity, it's hard not to feel like a number. We're committed to your career success, so count on us to give you the personalized attention you need as a job candidate.

Finding the right job fit is an essential component of managing your career, so we'll take the time to sit down together, listen to your needs and offer career guidance and industry insight. We'll review your resume, assess your skills and listen carefully to understand both your immediate and long-term goals.

We take an open and honest approach to every candidate's job search, and we will communicate realistic expectations, addressing any of your concerns. When it's time for the interview, you'll be well prepared. While times may be tough, as a potential employee you are a valuable asset, and it's your job to communicate your value to a hiring company. Throughout the process we'll keep you updated and informed, giving plenty of encouragement along the way. Our goal is to help you advance your career, and we'll do our best to locate the right opportunity for you.